Where Water Sent

I saw a boat on a stream
Carried forth by wind and wave
Rushing past the last of leaf
Red and golden standing brave

There came a fork where river split
Both streams still flowing to the sea
But one went gushing o’er the rocks
The other ‘neath the waning trees

It wavered not in its course
And plunged forth headlong where it went
And disappeared from mind and eye
Flowing to where water sent

That paper boat I folded once
It had no sail nor oar nor till
Nor steady hand to guide it true
Just fragile hope and mindless will

But should I fold a ship once more
I’d not suffice to let it drift
But steer it firmly where I choose
A ship well-sailed; a life well-lived


// AUTHOR’S NOTE – This poem was written as a free-form assignment for a design class in university. The topic was about the paths of life after graduation.

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