Maiden Voyage

I lost it walking late one night
On silken wings did it take flight
It left me gently as a sigh
And fluttered madly to the sky

‘neath sliver quick of unturned moon
draped with summer stole of June
gaze aloft t’ward rippled sea
my maiden voyage on the quay

I watched it settle on her arm
Alighting softly, without alarm
Then it did pulse with madcap joy
And remind me I was just a boy

‘twixt creamy dash of bony peaks
lay crescent lips and rosen cheeks
dressed in dappled, sable gown
with unclad feet and starry crown

Her visage wrought in china fine
Her fingers molded to fit mine
I sought to make my presence dear
And not a whisper did she hear

‘yond fleeting glimpse of unbid loss
grows empty dark and grasping moss
for whomsoever could replace
that willow form, that dainty face

The moment lingered, but alas
For would I not be made of glass
See, as she left she saw me not
And my heart, away she brought

‘fore moon-dripped sea I swore to keep
her image prismed in my sleep
and hencemore charged myself to find
what thrice-damned silence left behind

Have you seen her? Tell me so
This girl whom I’d not ever know
For naught can fill this hole of black
And what she took I would like back

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